hi! i'm sarah.


I'm a rancher/coach's wife in rural Oklahoma who has been blessed with the extraordinary calling to care for two young daughters at our cozy, country home. When we are not busy with school or church activities, you can find the Edsalls cheering for the OKC Thunder or shouting ORANGE POWER at our Alma Mater Oklahoma State University in Stillwater.

Professionally, I keep busy with my three at-home businesses. (Thank you, modern technology and the internet miracle that happens on our mile section!) To simplify my professional vision- I am passionate about two things: creating and encouraging.


Graphic design is my creative outlet, but it's much more than colors, concepts and eye-appeal; to me, artistic beauty comes alive in the mission and vision of the client. More than just logos and websites, my goal is to help entrepreneurs and small-businesses become their own brand ambassadors, equipped with the look and the confidence to chase their dreams.


As a speaker, I have traveled to 11 states and shared with tens of thousands of people, primarily student audiences, about life, leadership, and survival of the high school years. I live for break-through moments with students who are realizing their worth, purpose or future goals for the first time. If I can find the words to encourage students toward a life lived with purpose, then my "encourager heart" is happy.