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hi! i'm sarah.

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Sarah's relatable & genuine stories have reached tens of thousands of student leaders in 13 states over the course of her 13-year career.


Sarah gains students' trust with her genuine, caring attitude. Expect high-energy student involvement and lessons that last beyond the training room.

public speaking coach

Sarah steers students away from nerves & nurtures them in powerful and effective communication techniques to help them compete.


I'm a wife, mom,

speaker, and business-owner...


and I care about teens.

WHAT STudents Think

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FFA Member

My school is crazy about goal setting, but they never really broke it down like you did this weekend. You made it fun and I learned a lot! You made me and my friends smile both days, and it means a lot.

FCCLA Member

I just had to tell you that I've never heard a speaker like that. I didn't expect to have fun, and then we all really loved it- esp the dance part. I'll remember what you said about friends make the best leaders.

I can't tell you how much of a difference your speech made for me and my friends! Crazy to think that just three kids can change our school, but I can really see the positivity, and we are going to try.

Leadership Student

Student Testimonials
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