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Sarah has shared inspiring and relatable stories professionally in 13 states with tens of thousands of people, primarily student audiences, about life, leadership, and survival of the high school years. When Sarah shows up, her goal is to engage students in a high-energy, emotionally safe environment, which often includes story-telling, dancing, thinking, and  creating memories together. Custom-made programs range in content from character, leadership, and service, to surviving the high school years, professionalism, and student success habits. From advanced leaders who are hungry for specific strategies, to students who are due for a break-through moment, I take special care to share in a way that can connect with every student in the room.


Public Speaking

public speaking coach

Among Americans' top fears are heights, bugs and public speaking. Sarah can't help with heights or bugs...

But, if you want to take competitive speaking to the next level, or deliver a meaningful speech at your school, you're in the right place. 

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